Interview with a Baker

Regina Braun, specialty cake baker

What was the hardest cake you’ve ever had to make?

I would say that was probably the first three-tiered wedding cake I did. Looking back, there wasn’t really anything too complicated or difficult about the design, but the emotional stress probably did me in. So much so, that the even basic things like smoothing the icing and stacking the tiers to sit level did not seem to work. It was horrible at the time, I really did not sleep well, but now I can look back laughingly.

How long does a typical cake take to create from start to finish?

There isn’t really anything ‘typical’ when you are in the business of doing custom cakes. Some simpler birthday cakes can be baked, decorated and the kitchen cleaned in as little as 4 hours. But then there are bigger wedding cakes with all sugar flowers that will take several days and if all working hours are counted together it could be 24 actually.

Where do you draw inspiration for your designs?

There is inspiration all around us. It could be a pattern on the blouse the lady sitting in front of you in church is wearing or some design element of a wedding invitation. Oftentimes customers will send me pictures of cakes they found on the internet, and I myself use the Google image search frequently as well. You can enter almost anything together with the word “cake” and sure enough, someone once created a cake with that theme. You should try it 😉

Best baking tip?

Make sure your ingredients are at room temperature; especially milk, butter, and eggs. It makes the world of a difference and suddenly it will be easy to have an evenly baked, fluffy and at the same time moist cake.

What is the best piece of advice you would give a baking enthusiast?

Keep on trying different recipes and don’t shy away from new things. For me baking combines art and science. With time you will become better and better at preparing esthetically pleasing creations, and you will also learn to understand the chemistry behind baking. But never forget to enjoy the whole process. From carefully measuring and combining ingredients, to seeing it rise in the oven until this amazing aroma fills your kitchen that tells you it is almost done. Then the grand finale when you get to sit down and spoil your taste buds enjoying the scrumptious results of your efforts.

What is your favorite movie snack and why?

I would have to say popcorn! I grew up in Germany, where popcorn actually is sweetened with icing sugar or caramel. But now I enjoy the buttery kind and even dill pickle flavor. It is quick and easy to prepare and I love how the popcorn aroma fills the house when you are getting ready to enjoy a movie.

What is your favorite movie and why?

I watch movies in phases; there was a Bollywood phase, and a Romantic-Comedy phase. Right now I am in a James Bond phase and try to watch them all. Of the ones I have seen I would say Casino Royale (2006) is my favorite. I usually enjoy movies with a healthy balance of action, romance and humor.

{Photos by Specialty Cake Creations}

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Thank you for the interview, Regina! Your cakes are stunning!

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