Friday’s Features

After doing weeks of If You Like This, You Might Like That, I’ve decided to test out a new Friday post. Introducing: Friday’s Features. After a week full of food and film inspiration, I’ll share what I’ve been craving and watching. Tomorrow is the first day of October, and I am so ready to be done with September. It has felt long (yet productive!) and I feel like I am already in Fall mode. Even though the temperatures are still above 75 degrees and the skies are clear, here’s to bundling up in chunky knit scarves, drinking hot chocolate next to a roaring fire, and popping in a late night movie. Have a great weekend!

♥ Beignets for breakfast (On my to-do list: try this recipe!)

♥ The trailer for Big Miracle

♥ Sushi take-out while catching up on the week’s shows

♥ Weekend trip to Hollywood

♥ Birthday cake for my friend’s 21st birthday

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