To Eat or Not To Eat?

♦ Chocolate bonbons coated in edible luster dust

Whenever I see a picture of food that doesn’t actually look like food, I try to figure out how whoever made it did it. It takes serious time, talent, and imagination to not only think up something so creative, but to also go through with it and successfully make it. If I were presented with these luster-brushed chocolate bonbons, I wouldn’t know whether to save them for display or gobble them up. So, when you question whether To Eat or Not To Eat something, then you know you are dealing with food that is worth remembering, or at least worth photographing.

♦ Talent and time clearly went into the making of these too-cute-to-eat sushi rolls

♦ Roses made out of bacon…need I say more?

♦ Sushi made from sandwich ingredients

♦ McCake


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