Christmas Vacation: How to Survive Family Vacation

Every holiday season, Christmas Vacation is a necessary movie choice because of the hilarious scenes and reassurance that the holidays don’t always go smoothly or according to plan. Whether you are staying home with the family this Christmas or going on a family vacation, these are some necessary tips for surviving the time together. It’s not that spending time with family is hard, but when you are in close parameters, small breaks are important.

1. Give each other space – Being together 24/7 can be overwhelming. Make sure to give yourself breaks (read, go for a jog, take a nap) so that you don’t get frustrated with your family on Day 1.

2. Don’t pick on the little things – Everyone makes mistakes. When you are together constantly, these mistakes are magnified as you grow sensitive to your family’s flaws. Take a breath and let it go.

3. Everyone is tired – If you are traveling, jet lag can be a real pain. Just remember that everyone is tired, not just you.

4. The house is never clean – So keep cleaning. Take out the garbage without your mom having to tell you. Even if it looks clean, there’s always more to be done. Pick up after yourself and when you see something where it shouldn’t be. Do a little bit each day so that you are not stuck cleaning the entire day before the Christmas party.

5. Offer to help – Even if your family member seems to have a good grasp of whatever they are doing. People remember when you do something nice or helpful.

6. Privilege – Having a break or family vacation is a privilege. Don’t ruin the memories with a bad attitude – just enjoy yourself!

7. Humor – Have a good sense of humor. Things aren’t going according to plan? Be flexible and change them around. This is vacation, relax and go where the wind takes you. Laugh about frustrating situations, it seriously works.

What are your family vacation survival tips?

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