A Reflection in Films

When looking back on 2011, I realize that so much has happened. During the year I am too busy to realize how much I accomplish, but once the year is coming to an end, I reflect on what really did happen. I learn from my mistakes and accomplishments so that I can improve for the new year.

This year, I took my first film history class, and absolutely loved it. I have watched more classic and meaningful movies than ever before, and I learned a great deal about directors, actors, camera techniques, camera movement, and film styles. As I think back on 2011, these are the films that stood out most. Though most of these films were not made in 2011, I watched them this year and they had an impact on me. What were your favorite films of 2011?

{Bonnie and Clyde}

{Citizen Kane}

{Love is a Many-Splendored Thing}



{Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol}

one two three four five six seven


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