Movie of the Week

I saw Mission: Impossible  – Ghost Protocol last week and was blown away. I am still in awe of the stunts that these actors did and the locations in which the scenes took place. Apparently, Tom Cruise does his own stunts. I’ve seen interviews of him discussing his training, and the things he does for the role of Ethan Hunt is pretty incredible. In the film, Paula Patton wanted to do her own stunts, too. For Patton, it took two months of training before filming. After seeing what these actors accomplished, sign me up for that kind of training!

The latest installment of Mission: Impossible took place in places such as Budapest, Moscow, Dubai, and Mumbai. The movie includes spectacular stunts such as scaling the largest building in the world, a foot/car chase in a sandstorm, leaps and jumps in a car storage unit, and the use of magnetic body suits to navigate a vertical tunnel with propellers at the bottom. I found the movie to be quite funny because of the cast, and I was kept on the edge of my seat because of the stunts and tricks. Definitely see this movie while it is still in theaters – it’s one for the big screen!


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