Around Town: Urth Caffe

This place is my new obsession. My friend (the one who wrote this post!) told me about this amazing little food place with great-tasting food and drinks called Urth Caffe. I’ve always wanted to try the food at Urth Caffe because I have constantly heard good things about it, so when I was in Los Angeles this past weekend, I made sure to stop by. The atmosphere is cozy and comfortable, and everything on the menu looked incredible.

I ended up getting a mango and banana smoothie (everything is organic and healthy) with boba, which is one of my favorite smoothie additions and I was so thrilled they offered it. The boba was also perfectly cooked, which made the smoothie that much better. The smoothie was thick and I could taste the real fruit. It didn’t taste overly sweet and it seriously may have been the best smoothie I have ever had. And I drink a lot of smoothies. My friend got the green tea smoothie with boba, and really enjoyed it, as well. There are several Urth locations around the L.A. area, so if you are ever in town, make sure to stop by – you’ll be in for a real treat!

What else to try:
• Fresh juices
• Spanish latte
• Assortment of salads and sandwiches


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