Super Food for the Super Bowl

The weekend has finally arrived…Super Bowl weekend! This year the 46th Super Bowl will take place at Lucas Oil Stadium where the New England Patriots and New York Giants will play for the big win. If you plan on watching the Super Bowl this Sunday, there is something you’ll want to have readily available: snacks…and lots of it! In preparation for the big game, get your food and drinks before the crowds and lines start to form at the grocery store. You will want to have snacks that are easy to grab when your eyes are glued to the television. Here are some types of food that will give you enough fuel on game-day – today is no day to worry about carbs!

→ You can’t go wrong with pizza! Convenient and filling.

→ Buffalo wings may be messy, but they are definitely delicious.

→ Salsa, guacamole, and lots of tortilla chips.

→ Kentucky Bourbon Bacon Chex Mix…need I say more?

→ Churros are warm and covered in sugar – a perfect way to top off the game!

→ If you have time to get fancy, these chocolate covered strawberries made to look like footballs are beyond great.

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