“I’m pointing a gub at you”

I recently watched Woody Allen’s Take the Money and Run, and found it to be very funny and clever. Allen co-wrote, starred in, and directed this movie, which came out in 1969. The film is a mockumentary about Virgil Starkwell, a clumsy man who becomes a thief at a young age. The film is full of both obvious and subtle humor that made me laugh because of how silly it is. This was one of the funniest scenes from the movie, and it gives you a good idea about how Virgil acts and is pretty telling of Allen’s success as a comedian and screenwriter.

Woody Allen’s earlier films are really quite funny, and if you are someone who can laugh at mannerisms and silly things, then you’ll probably really like his movies too. I admire Allen’s writing, work ethic, and movie ideas. He is like the Energizer bunny, constantly coming up with new ideas, forming them into screenplays, and producing the screenplays into movies with interesting storylines. Allen often draws from literature and references older movies. Each movie I learn more about a certain lifestyle, whether it is through the characters on the screen or the city in which the story takes place. If you want to laugh, check out Sleeper and Love and Death by Woody Allen. Both are fantastic. And obviously Annie Hall, which is truly amazing.

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3 thoughts on ““I’m pointing a gub at you”

  1. I love this post. I will have to see take the money and run. Have you ever seen any of his more “dramatic” works? Like Hannah and her sisters or Interiors? It’s almost astOnishing how well he manages to go from comedy to drama. Interiors is one of my favorite films now, though it is a Bergman knock off. Another film by him that I really liked was Stardust Memories

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