Friday’s Features

♥ Quick peek at an HBO film I am so excited for!

I hope you all had a great week, filled with chocolates, romantic comedies, and love! This weekend seems like a good time to go out to dinner with friends and catch a movie afterwards. This Means War is out, and because I am a huge Reese Witherspoon fan, I’ll probably be first in line at the theater (once I complete the loads of work I still have, no thanks to a cold I had to fight throughout the week). Remember to take your vitamin C and drink lots of liquids. Have a warm and productive weekend! Until then, here are the things I am currently watching + craving.

♥ Missing the colorful taste of childhood snow cones

♥ Thoroughly enjoyed watching In Time

♥ Audrey and Grace at the Oscars

♥ Looking forward to spring and all the food that it brings, like cherries!

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