Grapefruit Juice

Last week I became a big fan of grapefruit juice. It was my way of getting Vitamin C in a different form than orange juice and vitamins. I used to hate how acidic grapefruits tasted, but now I kind of love it. It has become a morning ritual to squeeze my own grapefruit juice, and enjoy every last sip! However, there are upsides and downsides to this delicious fruit juice. The upsides? There are an incredible amount of health benefits, some of which include: a good source of Vitamin C, energy boosts, reduces fever, relieves sore throats, promotes digestion. Check out this site to learn more about the great health benefits. The downsides? The acidity of the juice can interfere with certain medications you may be taking. Check out this interesting article on why you may want to avoid grapefruit juice.

If you are not a fan of grapefruits, ease into it slowly – you might change your mind. Or just stick with orange juice and green tea, which also have a lot of health benefits. Are you a fan of grapefruit juice?

Here are some more ways to eat grapefruit:

→ Plain and simple – cut it up!

→ Grapefruit cake – check out this recipe

→ Grapefruit margaritas – yum!

→ Grapefruit and basil sorbet – recipe here

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