And the Oscar Goes To…

The Academy Awards are this Sunday, and I wish I had a television in my room so that I could stock up on snacks and enjoy the show. However, since that isn’t the case I will have to hunt down a nearby TV. I always enjoy Oscar season and the days leading up to the big night. The competition is fierce, and it couldn’t be more thrilling! To make the awards show more enjoyable, an Oscars party would be a fun event to throw for your friends, family, or yourself. Because the awards show can last for several hours, make enough snacks to last through the night. Who will you be rooting for this Sunday?

◊ Cookies in the shape of Oscars

◊ Popcorn cones with the Best Picture nominees

◊ Keep gold champagne glasses nearby to celebrate when your favorite movie wins!

◊ Have gold and sparkly table settings so your guests feel like stars

◊ Fill your champagne glasses with an orange and gold drink – this recipe looks like a winner

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