Almond Flavor Gelatin Dessert

One of my favorite desserts is almond flavor gelatin dessert. I would get this dessert at dim sum every week, and it would come in a small glass bowl filled with mixed fruit. This dessert is refreshing and not too sweet. It’s one of the best desserts after a big meal because it doesn’t sit heavy in your stomach. You can buy the mix at Uwajimaya, or other local grocery stores. Besides waiting 2 hours, this dessert is incredibly simple to make and is a great alternative to your regular cookies and cake desserts at parties and events. Just buy canned fruit (or cut up grapes, pineapple, apples, pears, etc), cut the gelatin mix into squares, and mix them together. Be careful not to cut the almond gelatin with your spoon when mixing – it’s like dealing with softer jello.


5 thoughts on “Almond Flavor Gelatin Dessert

  1. Yay, thanks for the post with instructions. A good friend just sent me the same brand as you pictured, but the instructions had been ripped off by some shipping mishap. Can’t wait to serve this childhood dessert to my family tonight! 😉

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