The Movie Collection: Animals On Screen

1. Uggie in The Artist / 2. Baby in Bringing Up Baby / 3. Elephants in Water for Elephants  / 4. Whales in Big Miracle / 5. Marley in Marley and Me

In movies with big stars, animals who have small roles can sometimes be overlooked. While these creatures may make a scene or be the focus of the movie, I think they should be given more recognition. I loved when Uggie was brought up onstage at the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards. Uggie is adorable and incredibly well-trained, and I adored him as George Valentin’s sidekick in The Artist. Other animals such as the leopard in Bringing Up Baby does not have much screen time, yet he is part of the plot in a major way. As an animal lover, I am naturally drawn to watching the cute animals and mammals on the silver screen – these are a few of them.


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