Around Town: Ivy At the Shore, Santa Monica

After having posted last week’s Around Town about a restaurant in Santa Monica, I realized just how much of a fan I am of that place. My friend and I stumbled upon Ivy At the Shore, a cute boutique-like restaurant right on Ocean Avenue after wandering around the beach and admiring the Cirque du Soleil tents. The interior looked like something straight out a Tommy Bahama catalogue, but the ambiance and setting was cozy and relaxing. Luckily there wasn’t a wait, but this seems like the kind of place that would have one, so make reservations just in case.

Ivy At the Shore has indoor and outdoor seating, and even though it was a chilly evening, there were heat lamps for the patio. My friend and I shared 2 appetizers, the main meal, and dessert, and ended up satisfied and didn’t waste much food. I have discovered that sharing food is always the best bet because it is wallet-friendly and eliminates waste, and if you are still hungry you can order more after!

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Setting: Laid back, comfortable, boutique restaurant with a tropical/Tommy Bahama-like setting

Good for: Girls night out, family dinners, business meetings, table for one

What to order: Crab cakes, French Fried Calamari, Margherita Pizza, Banana Split

Downsides: Prices can be high, tables are close together (makes for a more intimate setting)

Recommend: Sitting outdoors for glimpses of the ocean, the sunset, people-watching, and Santa Monica Beach

top photo via; {bottom two photos by a dash of cinema}


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