That’s a Wrap!

movie: New York Stories / {snack & snapshot & food city photos by a dash of cinema}

Earlier this week I spent a bit of time in the fabulous city of New Orleans. I had never been there before but was blown away by how welcoming and charming the city is. I ate incredible food, experienced serious thunderstorms, and absorbed the culture of the town. There are some pretty great restaurants in New Orleans (one of which I will share with you next week!) and it is safe to say that I gained a couple of pounds just from the beignets I ate daily. Yes, daily. They were covered in powdered sugar – see “snack” above.

During my time in New Orleans, I heard a street band playing in the middle of the road (see “snapshot” above) and quickly became addicted to their music. I bought their CD (titled: Shine – I am having trouble finding them anywhere on the Internet…) and while I usually just walk by and appreciate what musicians are singing, I actually stopped to listen for a good ten minutes with this band. A truly talented group with unique voices – I would categorize their music as folk, for lack of a better genre. Now that the week is wrapping up, all I want to do is curl up with one of my new books and listen to Shine playing in the background. Here’s to a great weekend!


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