That’s a Wrap!

· The 4th of July fireworks show in NYC was spectacular, as usual. I loved the fireworks that looked like smudges, the ones that shimmered, and the ones that exploded and then moved around like little worms (you know what I mean?)

· Saw two movies that you should add to your Weekend Watch list: The Intouchables and Ted. Both were laugh out loud hilarious.

· Ate pizza at Grimaldi’s (not as great as it is hyped up to be..Mozza is so much better) and Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory (yum!). Admired the NYC skyline and read…a great way to celebrate the long weekend (photo above)!

· My sister made this for dinner, confirming that no matter how hot it is outside, comfort food will always win.

· I am ready for a getaway…take me somewhere beautiful and relaxing!

Have a restful weekend!

{photo by a dash of cinema}


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