Around Town: ABC Kitchen, New York City

I loved ABC Kitchen the minute I walked in. The outside of the restaurant is not flashy, so it is easy to walk right by. I’ve gone a couple of times for brunch, which is a great time to go (but a difficult time to get a table). The food is as local and organic as possible, and everything tastes fresh and flavorful. I’ve tried the french toast with cherries, seasonal donuts, and Eggs Benedict with flying pigs farm ham, and my sister swears by the housemade yogurt and granola with housemade jam. ABC Kitchen is definitely worth going to if you are in NYC. If you can’t get in, I recommend trying The Standard Grill.

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Setting: Intimate yet spacious, earthy, clean

Good for: Family brunch, dinner with friends, date night

What to order: Eggs Benedict, housemade yogurt and granola with housemade jam

Downsides: Reservation difficulty (mainly for brunch)

Recommend: Reserving a table in advance or arriving when it opens to get a seat, ordering a main dish and sharing a smaller dish with your dining partner

{photos by a dash of cinema}


4 thoughts on “Around Town: ABC Kitchen, New York City

  1. Thanks for the suggestion! When I stayed in NYC for a week, we were so overwhelmed by where to eat. You want somewhere cozy, and not too fancy, but still good food! We ended up liking Antibes Bistro. Ever heard of it?

    • I haven’t but it looks cozy and really nice! I just might have to add that to my list. NYC can definitely be overwhelming…when there are too many choices it can be difficult to just choose one.

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