Eat & Watch: French Toast and Kramer vs. Kramer

When I first watched Kramer vs. Kramer, I was moved by the heartfelt story and the father and son relationship. There is a certain scene where the father, played by Dustin Hoffman, and his son are making breakfast after the mother leaves the family. The father is making french toast, or as he calls it, “Folded French Toast,” for his son, and he has to fold the bread in half because he mixes the eggs and milk together in a coffee mug. While this would be a creative (yet messy) way to make breakfast, there is a much simpler and cleaner way to achieve the same delicious result. At the end of the movie (this is not a spoiler alert), the father and son duo are pros at making french toast the correct way (shallow bowl and all!), demonstrating how far they have progressed from their messy and frustrating beginning.

Check out the scene below:

You will need
8 slices of bread
7 eggs
3 tablespoons of 1/2 & 1/2 milk

1. In a shallow bowl, use a fork or whisk to lightly beat the eggs and milk together.

2. Add cinnamon (as much as you prefer) to the egg and milk mixture.

3. Dip the slices of bread into batter (on both sides). Let the egg mixture soak into the bread, but be careful not to soak the bread too long as it might get soggy and fall apart.

4. Place battered bread on a hot, buttered skillet until the bread is brown on both sides.

5. Lightly sprinkle extra cinnamon, butter, and warm maple syrup on top of your french toast. Enjoy!

{photos by a dash of cinema} {kramer via}


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