In the Spotlight: Lucille Ball

Lucille Ball is the perfect woman to honor in this month’s In the Spotlight column since her birthday was just a few weeks ago (August 6, 1911). Above are some random fun facts about Lucy. Lucy made the world fall in love with her when she graced television screens and showed off her acting and comedic skills. Lucille Ball started acting in the 1930s, and she excelled in radio, film, and television. Many of us know Lucille Ball from her hit shows, I Love Lucy and Here’s Lucy. I remember watching these shows on re-run when I was younger, absolutely loving the way Lucy used her facial expressions to express sarcasm or a joke. Lucille Ball led a very interesting life – check out Lucille Ball’s autobiography for more interesting tidbits and for a deeper look at the woman who made America laugh. Happy birthday, Lucy!

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{graphics by a dash of cinema}

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