Around Town: Wienerkonditoriet – Stockholm, Sweden

During a morning shopping trip in Stockholm, I made a quick pastry stop into Wienerkonditoriet. I was on the hunt for a kanelbulle, a Swedish cinnamon bun. When I finally found the sweet treat, and after ordering it in very poor Swedish, I couldn’t wait to try it. I have read that kanelbulles are the next level Cinnabon, which is a very big statement to make. However, when I tried the kanelbulle, I understood. While Cinnabons are warm, super sweet, and melt in your mouth, kanelbulles taste more like Christmas, with an interesting spice that adds depth to its sweetness. Instead of an icing glaze, kanelbulles have a nib sugar sprinkled over the top.

· · ·

Setting: Comfortable, convenient

Good for: Quick pastry stop, sitting down to read

What to order: Kanelbulle, other delicious pastries

Downsides: The inside is a little dark

Recommend: Trying a little bit of everything

{photos by lauren / a dash of cinema}


3 thoughts on “Around Town: Wienerkonditoriet – Stockholm, Sweden

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