Flavor of the Month: Coffee

1. Java Chocolate Smoothie Cups | 2. Coffee Jelly with Cream | 3. Cappuccino Brownies |
4. Slow Cooker Balsamic Honey Coffee BBQ Pulled Pork Recipe | 5. Chocolate Espresso Black Pepper Cookies

Now that September is well on its way, coffee is an appropriate flavor for the month since with September comes new jobs, new school semesters, and big changes. That being said, coffee will be a necessity in the month of September to both help wake us up and to help keep us awake. Personally, I can’t stand hot coffee, and I won’t drink it unless it is iced. Since I do not want to solely rely on drinking coffee as a way to stay caffeinated, I found some great recipes that seamlessly incorporate coffee into food. Chocolate Espresso Black Pepper Cookies are at the top of my list to make – I also did an interview with the baker herself, Jane from Buttered Up (check it out here)! Cheers to September and staying awake!

{coffee bean}


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