Around Town: Sunn – Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki, Finland is a beautiful place to walk around for the day. There is a beautiful church on top of a mountain of stairs, and with the close proximity to the water, everything is just a little more peaceful. Be sure to grab a cup of coffee as you walk around – Finland is the country that drinks the most coffee so you can bet that it is great (And it is. Very smooth). After browsing stores for a while, I found my way to a cute Bistro, called Sunnserving brunch. My table looked directly out to the Helsinki Cathedral, which is majestic and breathtaking. The food was seriously incredible, and there wasn’t a bite I didn’t love. I enjoyed everything about this restaurant – from the old building it was located in to the friendly and accommodating service to the tasty meal flavors.

· · ·

Setting: Airy, comfortable, casual

Good for: Brunch, lunch with friends, quick lunch stop

What to order: Fried arctic charr and spring potatoes, Filo pastry filled with spinach and mushrooms, Eggs Benedict, Berry Smoothie

Downsides: The chairs are very narrow (random, I know)

Recommend: Getting bites from your dining partner’s dish – try as much as you can!

{photos by lauren / a dash of cinema}


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