The Day After Thanksgiving…

My friend and I had a conversation on Saturday about our Thanksgiving traditions. For her, one of them involved getting the family Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. My initial reaction was that it seemed too soon to be getting a tree, especially since many of us are still trying to recover from the hearty meal the night before. However, her family has had this tradition for years, and it is something that she holds close to her heart. After hearing my friend talk about how much fun she has picking out the perfect tree, it made me want to adopt the same tradition. The day after Thanksgiving just might be the perfect time to transition into one of the cheeriest holidays: Christmas!

I had never really thought about what I do the day after Thanksgiving, but I think it would be special to have a tradition like that.

What do you do the day after Thanksgiving?

I watched When Harry Met Sally last weekend, and there is a scene where Harry and Sally carry a Christmas tree through New York City. My friend’s tradition reminded me of this moment.



2 thoughts on “The Day After Thanksgiving…

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