Around Town: Ichibantei, New York City


When my friend offered to take me to ‘this amazing Japanese restaurant,’ I just let it happen. I eat any type of Japanese cuisine, so I wasn’t too concerned. Turns out, this place, called Ichibantei,  really was amazing. The restaurant itself is small, with a long bar facing the kitchen and windows, and only a couple of tables. Off to the side on a busy street in the East Village,  Ichibantei can be a little confusing to find. The service is great, you can take as long as you want to eat without interruption, and the food is seriously quality.

I recommend: Teriyaki Chicken (I’ve never had teriyaki chicken so juicy and delicious!), Oyako Don, and Katsu Don. Plus all the usual side dishes like edamame and miso soup.

I can’t even talk about Ichibantei without my mouth watering. I’ll just have to refer to these photos until I can go again.


{Photos by Lauren}


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