An Afternoon with Goats

Closeup Goat

A couple of weeks ago, I made friends with goats. Let me explain: covering 42 acres of the beautiful island of Maui, Surfing Goat Dairy produces fresh goat cheeses with unforgettable flavors. The dairy farm currently raises over 180 goats, taking proper care of the animals to ensure quality milk and cheese. In fact, many restaurants around the island use Surfing Goat’s cheeses.  During the tour of the dairy farm, we had the unique opportunity to feed and milk the goats. There was also a cheese tasting, which wouldn’t be complete without a large glass of Surfing Goat’s fresh lemonade.

During my visit to this farm, I couldn’t get enough of watching the baby goats, also known as ‘kids,’ sleeping and playing on oversized surfboards and logs. For a unique afternoon spent with goats and great cheese, Surfing Goat Dairy is a welcomed change of pace from laying out on the beach.

Surfing Goat

Farm with Rainbow

Sleeping GoatsGoats Eating

{Photos by Lauren}


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