Around Town: Grandma’s Coffee House, Maui


Grandma’s Coffee House is only a couple of minutes away from the lavender farm, tucked in the hills of Maui. The afternoon munchies are not uncommon for me, so naturally I was eager to stop and check out Grandma’s selection of menu items. The carrot cake secured a spot as one of my favorite cakes. The generous serving was moist, flavorful, and rich in texture. The icing was spread in the middle and on top, but did not overwhelm the cake itself. In other words, it was love at first bite.

Grandma’s Coffee House is a charming and small roadside restaurant with a handful of tables and parking spots, and the service is friendly and accommodating. I can’t wait to go back there, especially if the coffee cake is as good as the carrot cake.




{Photos by Lauren}

4 thoughts on “Around Town: Grandma’s Coffee House, Maui

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