That’s a Wrap!

I am Grace Cafe Gratitude

Light lavender color

This was a pretty great week. After several meetings, getting ahead on school work, and taking a leisurely hike, I am off to the East Coast for a quick trip that will be filled with delicious food, fantastic entertainment, and loved ones. Thankfully, the East Coast storm has calmed down, and I am looking forward to the brief escape. Before then, though, it’s time to wrap up the week with recap…

* These Superhero window washers are unbelievably awesome.

* Enjoyed brunch at Cafe Gratitude – delicious vegan food with amazing smoothies (1st photo).

* One more weekend until the Oscars. I can’t wait.

* Love the color of these flowers – they make an early morning hike much prettier (2nd photo).

* I wouldn’t mind eating these doughnuts every morning.

* I’ve been downloading books like crazy. This week’s recommendations: Born Round by Frank Bruni and The Man Who Ate Everything by Jeffrey Steingarten.

* This article is from 2010, but we briefly discussed this topic in my media seminar and I found it fascinating even though Vampires have zero appeal to me.

* I ❤ Kelly Clarkson. She killed it at the Grammy Awards last Sunday.

Have an amazing weekend!

{Photos by Lauren}


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