That’s a Wrap!


I’m really looking forward to the official start of spring next week. Daylight Savings has really messed up my schedule and I am eager to get back on track with my routine. Starting this weekend I am going to be baking up a storm and watching a lot of movies. I also want to make it to the theater once or twice. Have a great last few days of winter! Until spring, wrapping up the week with a recap…

* Finally craved breakfast this week, and I am feeling much more myself.

* Love this “Shiny Ponies” video with Jenna Lyons – amazing shoes!

* California’s weather has been too good to be true. Blue skies, sun, light breezes [see photo above].

* What They’re Wearing at HBO.

*  This looks like the most heavenly kitchen.

* I really want to see this documentary.

* Once again craving dim sum. Anyone know of any great dim sum restaurants?

Have a fantastic weekend!

{Photo by Lauren}


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