Wrapping Up A Dash of March

Daffodils and Brick

Now that it is officially April, #ADashofMarch has come to an end. If you followed along, thank you! It was fun thinking up different ways to incorporate film and food into our daily lives. If you weren’t following along throughout March, I have compiled all of my tweets for you to enjoy. Regardless of the date, feel free to integrate this film and food inspiration into your lives now! Here we go..

3/1: Happy March! Celebrate the new month by going out to dinner with friends at a restaurant you’ve been meaning to try!

3/2: Weekend time! Doing something fun? Video document your adventures w/ a phone/camera for happy memories to laugh about later!

3/3: Be a tourist in your own town and explore a nearby neighborhood. Who knows, you might stumble upon your new favorite café!

3/4: Start the week off right with a delicious breakfast. You’ll feel great after taking some time for yourself before the busy day ahead.

3/5: Been too busy for friends? Not today: Break up your day with a casual, fun lunch with a friend to catch up on each other’s lives.

3/6: Feeling a bit under the weather? Block out 2 hours for a mid-week movie in bed.

3/7: Step away from the TV & get in the reading mood! ‘The Dinner’ by Herman Koch sounds thrilling.

3/8: Watch a ‘Best Picture’ winner tonight – take your pick! Here’s a handy list.

3/9: In honor of all the east coast snow, take a ‘snow day’ and make hot chocolate, snuggle up by the fire, & listen to the soundtrack of your favorite film.

3/10: We lose an hour, but with this extra daylight, an evening BBQ sounds perfect! Break out those oven mitts and get grilling.

3/11: Busy week ahead? Make all of your lunches for the next 4 days tonight and save yourself the morning hassle.

3/12: It’s never too early to start spring cleaning. Donate DVDs you never watch or old, unused kitchen appliances.

3/13: Mid-week sluggishness? Skip the sugary snacks & opt for a healthy fruit smoothie to give you energy for the rest of the day.

3/14: Happy Pi Day! Instead of math, indulge on the best kinds of pi(e): dessert pie & pizza pie.

3/15: Since yesterday was Pi Day, let’s make today (or everyday) Cake Day…bake a cake from scratch and eat it, too.

3/16: Take yourself off the grid once in a while. Unplug for the rest of the afternoon & enjoy a home cooked meal with the family.

3/17: Happy St. Patrick’s Day! In celebration of the holiday, make a recipe that has been on your “To Bake” list for months. Today’s the day!

3/18: Treat yourself to some late night sweets to make the start of the week a little more bearable.

3/19: Attempt a new vegetable or healthy recipe today.

3/20: Spring begins today! Give your kitchen a pretty spring makeover: bring out pastel colored pots & pans & pick fresh flowers.

3/21: It may not be too warm yet, but the start of spring is a good reason to celebrate with ice cream. Maybe even before dinner?

3/22: Tina Fey’s ‘Admission’ is out today. Take a break from work for a couple of hours and clear your head – laughing is good for you!

3/23: It’s the perfect night for dinner and a movie. Try a new recipe and watch a just-released film!

3/24: Invite a family member or friend to brunch! Delicious food and a great conversation? Sounds like a perfect Sunday.

3/25: Monday stressing you out? Unwind by catching up on missed TV episodes.

3/26: Instead of that soda for lunch, drink water. Today’s the day to make healthy choices.

3/27: What’s your favorite childhood movie? Get back to your roots and sneak in a time to watch it today.

3/28: So what if it’s not the weekend? Enjoy a late night movie premiere WITH popcorn & candy!

3/29: Have a favorite restaurant? Treat yourself to dinner for one!

3/30: Switch things up! Reverse Saturday Date Night: movie and THEN dinner – the movie can be a great conversation topic!

3/31: Happy Easter! Spend this holiday making fun recipes with pastel colors. And eat lots of chocolate bunnies!

{Photo by Lauren}


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