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I love to read just as much as I love watching movies. The thrill of imagining the characters as you want them to look, establishing the setting in your mind, and letting the story run wild in your daydreams days after you’ve finished reading are just a few of the reasons why reading is unbeatable. I love that even though people can read the same exact story, the details differ for everyone. Many of the books I read, when they’re not non-fiction or biographies, have usually been adapted into a movie. When there’s a movie coming out that I know is originally a book, I try to make time to read the book first, since that way I can imagine the characters and environment before I see how someone else has dreamed it up.

Through this new column, I will share the books that I think should be read before seeing the movie. And to be fair, some books you don’t need to read before watching the movie, so I will often include those. Let’s get reading then watching!

Read then WatchRead: Headhunters by Jo Nesbo, then watch the movie. The original title is called Hodejegerne, and is made in Norway. An American version of the film is being made because the movie was so successful. I usually don’t read or watch thrillers because the intensity can be a little too much, but I had heard great things about Jo Nesbo and decided to give one of his books a try. Despite having to take a few short breaks in-between reading, I am so glad I chose this book. It is so well-crafted and you seriously do not see what is coming. Read the book first because you’ll be better prepared for the movie – the details are so subtle and even when you know what happens, you’ll still be blown away.

Read: The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger, then watch the movie. In my opinion, it is one of the most touching love stories. About a man who time travels involuntarily, the story has a strong impact on your heart because of how the man’s time traveling affects the love of his life. In fact, the story is so great you might be disappointed with the movie, like I was. The entire time I was reading The Time Traveler’s Wife, I envisioned Rachel McAdams as the lead, but Eric Bana just didn’t impress me. Regardless, if you do anything with this story, read it – you will definitely not be disappointed with the book.

Read: One Day by David Nicholls, then watch the movie. I finished this book in 2 days – it draws you in and doesn’t let you out until the very last page. The concept of two people meeting on the night of their graduation and then meeting each year on the same day for the next twenty years was so intriguing, and the book does a much better job of capturing the details of the two friends’ lives and their meet-ups. Because the film only had 107 minutes to capture twenty years, important small moments were overlooked and the emotions were generalized. Anne Hathaway is fantastic, as usual, but I recommend reading the book first – it will stir up some pretty raw reactions.

Have you read/watched any of these books/movies? What do you think: read or watch first?

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10 thoughts on “Read Then Watch

  1. I’ve seen the last two films. And wasn’t really impressed by neither of them. Just yesterday I went to bookstore and chatted with my best friend about reading some books that are made to films. I even had that One Day in my hand. I will read it because I hope it’ll be better than the film. And I guess I will try to read The Time Traveller’s Wife as well because I was so disappointed by the film. Other film that didn’t impress me that much was Life of Pi (yes, it looks fantastic but it didn’t really move me), so I was thinking I should probably read the book too. Have you read it?

  2. In The Time Travellers Wife I loved the fact Niffenger never idolises Henry, instead she portrays him as a mixed up, flawed and rather selfish character (during his 20’s) but we still fall in love with this strange but street wise outsider. The film just glorryfies him as a typical romantic hero. Plus all of the terrible things the couple endure together which make their love even deeper is just totaly ignored in the film – granted it’s a heck of a lot to cover but they should have done so or not bothered making the film at all in my opinion x

  3. I’ve seen the Time Traveler’s Wife. While I was impressed how they were able to adapt the time travel portion well (it can be hard to do), I felt like the movie was lacking something. Perhaps it was Bana. The book is on my list to read thou. I’m going to check out Headhunters now thou, thanks!

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