Urs Fischer in Los Angeles


This past weekend, I had the pleasure of visiting MOCA’s Urs Fischer exhibit. I went not knowing what to expect at all, and I left completely amazed and inspired. Urs Fischer is so talented and his vision for this exhibit was downright impressive. I’ve seen my fair share of installations, and I have not seen anything quite like this one. There was food at every corner, and whether it was a house made entirely of bread (which also smelled delicious), a random egg splattered on the ground, or a block covered in the angles of a soy sauce bottle (among many other random food and non-food items), each piece of art was distinct and creatively displayed. The most amazing part of the entire exhibit was the falling raindrops next to the bread house. I love the rain, and I just wanted to stand under the hanging big blue drops for as long as I could. The Urs Fischer exhibit runs until August 19, 2013, so if you’re ever in downtown L.A. and have 30 minutes to spare, this will be one of the best decisions of your day.


Big tic tac6


{Photos by Lauren}


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