Flavor of the Month: Watermelon

FOM Watermelon

1. Watermelon Salsa | 2. Watermelon Lamburger | 3. Watermelon Fruit Bowl 
4. Watermelon Salad with Feta and Avocado | 5. Watermelon Breeze

I’ve already cut into my first watermelon of the season, which in my book means it is officially summer. While I am quick to just grab a few slices to enjoy, I have to remind myself that there are so many great things to do with watermelon. Whether it is squeezing fresh watermelon juice, making it into a salad, including it in a juicy burger, or even using the watermelon shell as a bowl, watermelon is a diverse fruit with a sweet taste. To usher in the summer, include June’s flavor of the month into as many recipes as you can for a healthy and fruity twist.



4 thoughts on “Flavor of the Month: Watermelon

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