Around Town: Chatei Hatou – Tokyo, Japan

Chatei Hatou 1

The coffee in Japan was surprisingly great. Whether the coffee was made in Tully’s or the popular Chatei Hatou, you could taste that the coffee was made with attention to detail and care. I first read about Chatei Hatou in an article from the Wall Street Journal called Coffee Beyond the Same Old Grind, and immediately jotted the name down so I could fit it into my Tokyo schedule. I figured if the founder of Blue Bottle Coffee liked this place, then it really must be good. Luckily, there was time during the trip to make a quick stop here. Quick might not be the right term since everyone in the café spent a good amount of time drinking, smoking, and chatting, but I stayed as long as I could last in the smoke-filled room.

Chatei Hatou is a bit tricky to actually locate, even with a GPS. Full disclosure: I even get lost in my own city with a GPS. Across from Shibuya station, you’ll pass a Lacoste store and walk towards a hill. Take a left up the hill and it will be on your left side after about 30 seconds of walking. The café itself looks like a cute little cottage tucked between other shops, so you shouldn’t miss it when you are in the general area. You’ll then walk into the dark room, where teacups and flowers line the walls. There is limited seating and no English on the menus, but you can pretty much just say what kind of coffee you want and the servers will understand. Not really a fan of hot coffee, I ordered an iced latte with orange and cinnamon chiffon cake. The cakes in Japan are the softest I’ve ever eaten, and these chiffon cakes did not disappoint. More importantly, I enjoyed the coffee, which was made in a pour-over style. For a unique afternoon and a quality pick-me-up in Tokyo, Chatei Hatou is a must-visit. And I have a random article in the WSJ to thank.

Address of Chatei Hatou: Higasiguti Futaba Bldg. 1F, 1-15-19 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

P.S. Tonkatsu in Tokyo.

Chatei Hatou 2Chatei Hatou 3Chatei Hatou 4Chatei Hatou 6Chatei Hatou 5Chatei Hatou 7

{Photos by Lauren}


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