Around Town: Bottega Louie, Los Angeles


On a busy intersection in downtown L.A., Bottega Louie looms over traffic with its stone white walls, gold lettering, and glass windows displaying pyramids of colorful macaroons. The bread and dessert bakeries at the entrance of the hybrid store and restaurant are enticing and difficult to pass up when you’re walking out the door. While these bakery treats looked so tempting, I was there for the restaurant food. Bottega Louie is beautiful on the inside, but one of the major downsides was the noise. The high ceilings and big, open room made everyone’s conversations and voices echo throughout the room. However, the food is fantastic. The Portobello fries and scallops were highlights of the meal – great food that tasted fresh with rich ingredients. The chocolate cake was deceiving because it came with vanilla cream – I prefer chocolate – but the texture of the cake itself was great. If you want to enjoy good food and service and can stand a noisy eating environment, this place could easily become one of your favorites in Los Angeles.

P.S. Another cute L.A. restaurant.







{Photos by Lauren}


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