Summer Movie List 2013


Not only is summer a great time to catch up on reading, but it is also one of the best times to sneak in movies. This summer I plan on watching a variety of older movies and more modern releases that I missed in theaters. These are the movies I’m looking forward to watching this summer:

1. Stoker (2013)
2. An American in Paris (1951)
3. Tootsie (1982)
4. The English Patient (1996)
5. Casablanca (1943)
6. Promised Land (2012)

P.S. You might notice that most of these movies are from my ‘Best Picture’ Bucket List.

P.S.S. Summer 2012’s Movie List.

What are you watching this summer?

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10 thoughts on “Summer Movie List 2013

  1. During today and tomorrow I’ll be watching all of the “Before” series of Richard Linklater, Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke. I’ve been also meaning to have IMDb-week but still hasn’t manage. I really should watch Casablanca too, still haven’t seen it.

  2. This summer I’m planning to hunker through my acting class movie list. It has tons of classics but there’s also every Al Pacino movie and every Bette Davis movie. I’ve given myself 18 months to finish the entire list which is 5 pages long. So maybe I’ll just focus on all the Bette or Al movies this summer. Any thoughts

    • That sounds like a great list…I’m going to have to go with Al on this one…LOVE him! Scent of a Woman is fantastic. 18 months seems like a reasonable amount of time, 5 pages is a lot of movies.

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