Around Town: Cooks County, Los Angeles

aOn the side of a long, busy road in Los Angeles, a small restaurant with a bright blue awning called Cooks County serves some of the best farm-to-table dishes I’ve tasted. The space is small with dark wooden tables and chairs, natural sunlight filtering through the front windows, and an open view of the kitchen. Starting with bread and a vegetable dish (to balance each other out, of course), we followed up our appetizers with salmon and pork chops. Everything was made with careful attention to detail and the dishes were incredibly rich in flavor. Of course, to end an already satisfying meal, we had to try the dessert. The fresh mint ice cream with homemade whipped cream was otherworldly. I hope to make it back to Cooks County soon. It was one of those meals you wish never ended.

P.S. A Farm-to-Table restaurant in New York City.






{Photos by Lauren}


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