Around Town: Sweet Rose Creamery, Santa Monica


When it’s boiling hot out and you walk by a cute artisan ice cream shop called Sweet Rose Creamery, you don’t just keep walking. And you definitely don’t poke your head in, take a look at the mouth-watering homemade flavors, and leave empty-handed, which was almost the case since I had just finished a filling brunch. Instead, you try a couple of flavors and get a large scoop on a waffle cone.

This ice cream shop in Santa Monica has some of the most inventive (and delicious) ice cream flavors, which are seasonally inspired so the menu changes monthly. When I visited, I tried the Parmesan Reggiano, but opted for a sweeter Fresh Mint with Homemade Chocolate Chips. There are so many tempting flavors to choose from, and I can guarantee you that the next time I go, I won’t just be getting one scoop.

P.S. If you’re in L.A. and feel like having 2 desserts in 1, try the ice cream cupcakes at Frosted Cupcakery.






{Photos by Lauren}

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