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Read: The Help by Kathryn Stockett, then watch the movie. I read The Help when the movie was already released, and I was so tempted to just skip the book and head to the theater. But since I owned the book and knew it would take me a lot longer to get through the book if I already knew what happened, I read the book first. I’m so glad I did. This historical novel is so well-written and the characters are strong and lovable. Having read the book, I almost enjoyed the movie more because it enriched the words that I had read in Stockett’s novel. I looked forward to seeing the scenes from the book, and the story is so inspiring and uplifting that I really didn’t mind reading and watching back-to-back.

Read: A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks, then watch the movie. A Walk to Remember was the first Nicholas Sparks book that I read, and I had no idea what to expect (now I can count on any Nicholas Sparks book to make me weep). About two teenagers who fall in love, I think the book and movie both captured the sweet elements of the story. While the core of the story remains similar, the book and the movie have a few character and storyline differences, and the movie is clearly more dramatic. A Walk to Remember will make your heart ache, and while I absolutely loved the movie and enjoyed seeing the characters come to life, the book made me savor the plot a little more.

Read: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, then watch the movie. I read The Hunger Games in one day. When I should have been working on my loads of school work, I sat in the library and pushed through until the end. I couldn’t help it, it was too addicting. I needed to find out what happened. When you want to de-stress or just have a fun read, this is a great book for those very reasons. Because I enjoyed the book so much, I admit I was a bit disappointed with the movie. The book captured so many angles of the characters and the Hunger Games, and even though the movie was over 2 hours long, it didn’t cover some great aspects of the book. However, I am a Jennifer Lawrence fan, so I enjoyed watching the movie. Plus, whether you are reading the book or watching the movie, this story is pretty thrilling and really gets your adrenaline going. I am waiting to read Catching Fire until late October so I can read it in one day and see the movie shortly after.

What have you read then watched lately?

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10 thoughts on “Read Then Watch

  1. I totally agree with the read then watch theory! It is awesome to read a book and then watch the movie for comparisons. I generally do it that way. In fact I sometimes stumble on a book and didn’t even know it was a movie..hehe
    I read the Traveling Pants series that way as well and the Twilight.

    • That happens to me all the time, too! It actually surprises me sometimes how many movies were originally books…not only is it hard to keep up with reading all of them, but I miss original movies that stand alone. I haven’t read Traveling Pants series or seen the movies…do you recommend them?

      • They are quite enjoyable. Story of group of friends that share a pair of jeans and feel empowered when they have their turn wearing them. They have to report to the group what events occur in their life while in possession of pants. Nice read.

  2. Totally agree with reading the book before the film! I’ve just finished reading The Hunger Games trilogy. I watched the film first, loved it but then read the book and realised there is so much more to the story that the film missed out! The characters and their relationships with each other are much more complex than the film portrays. Especially the Gale, Peeta and Katniss love triangle. I’m interested to see how the next two movies develop on that.

  3. I saw Hunger Games twice before reading the book and I got to admit, it probably made the film look better (I’ve seen it probably already five times) because the novel is very entertaining. I think I read it in two days even though I knew what’s gonna happen. Haven’t you read the the other two instalments in the series? I read them straight away after finishing the first book. They’re great!

    (Even though I love The Notebook and it’s the first English language novel I’ve ever read, A Walk to Remember was way too sobby for my taste. 🙂 )

  4. Yeah i’ve read all three books. I’ve got to admit I was disappointed with the third. I got tired of Katniss and her depressing attitude. **SPOILER** The fact that she is seems slightly mad and definitely unsatisfied with her life at the end is believable, but I don’t think it makes a compelling read. I don’t believe that her friendship with Gale would be so easy to forget about either, he seems to just vanish from the book in a sentence!

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