Around Town: Le Saint Regis – Paris, France

St. Regis 1

In Paris, starting the mornings with a warm croissant, a tartine, and café au lait is pretty common. While this is a tasty option, I crave variety after a couple of days of buttery croissants. Enter: the Eggs Benedict at Le Saint Regis café. I’ve enjoyed quite a few Eggs Benedict over the years, but this was the most delicious I’ve had. With thick bacon, fresh hollandaise sauce, and soft eggs, this meal was perfect in every way. The eggs in the omelets were cooked the way eggs in an omelet should be cooked, and the orange juice was freshly squeezed. The hot chocolate was a little too thick for my taste (it was as though I was drinking a melted chocolate bar), but then again, how can you go wrong with chocolate in the morning?

With a classically Parisian interior, Café Saint Regis is authentic without being a parody. The service was quick and friendly, and it is so easy to sit back and relax while people-watching. If you’re in the mood to be in awe after breakfast, just walk across the bridge to the Notre-Dame Cathedral.

Le Saint Regis address: 6 Rue Jean du Bellay, 75004 Paris

P.S. Le Grand Colbert in Paris.

St. Regis 3

St. Regis 4

St. Regis 5

St. Regis 6

St. Regis 2

{Photos by Lauren}


5 thoughts on “Around Town: Le Saint Regis – Paris, France

  1. Such a fab zinc bar which never fails to impress each time we visit – just love everything about it, the food, the fun staff and the people-watching outside. Always brings a smile to my face when I see another blogger write about it

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