Funny Face

Funny Face 1

It always takes me by surprise when I hear people admit that they aren’t an Audrey Hepburn fan. Yes, they do exist! If you fall into this category, I urge you to watch Funny Face. You will be captivated by both Audrey’s charming demeanor and the film’s stunning cinematography. The vivid colors of each shot, the fashion, and the environments are overwhelmingly beautiful, and the shots of Paris are unlike any other. These are a few of my favorite moments…

Funny Face 3

{Audrey Hepburn outside the store peeking over a book inside the store.}

Funny Face 5

{Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire dancing in the darkroom with a reddish hue.}

Funny Face 6

{This view!}

Funny Face 7

{Characters in different environments merged into one screen.}

Funny Face 10

{Those iconic white socks!}

Funny Face 12

{Paris. Balloons. Contrasted colors.}

Funny Face 9

{The unique angle of Audrey Hepburn’s figure against the Eiffel Tower.}

Funny Face 14

{Setting Audrey Hepburn at a distance with blurred colorful bouquets.}

Funny Face 16

{A pop of white and pink. The most glamorous fishing outfit I’ve ever seen.}

Funny Face 17

{The angles of Audrey Hepburn’s arms and the spraying fountain.}

Funny Face 18

{Striking a pose in red that resembles the statue in the background.}

{Photos courtesy of Paramount Pictures}


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