Around Town: Terra Plata, Seattle


I haven’t been to a farm-to-table restaurant that I didn’t like. This is especially true of Seattle’s farm-to-table restaurant, Terra Plata. During a Sunday brunch, I enjoyed rustic bread and fresh-squeezed orange juice while basking in Seattle’s grey gloom. Each dish I tried was flavorful and appropriately sized. I’m so used to dishes arriving looking as though they are meant to serve 2-3 people. Though there are some great-looking options here, don’t miss out on the savory hash and manchego biscuits. Maybe one of the few times I’ve eaten vegetables for brunch. It’s rare but very possible with the right dish.

P.S. A delicious farm-to-table in L.A.






{Photos by Lauren}


7 thoughts on “Around Town: Terra Plata, Seattle

  1. This looks amazing:) I love freshly squeezed orange juice, shouldn’t have it any other way. Wish this was a little closer to my home but maybe I will make it out to Seattle someday.

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