That’s a Wrap!

space needle and emp

To say it’s been a great week would be an understatement. First of all, the Seahawks are going to the Superbowl!! Last Sunday’s game was so intense and really close. It’s time to start brainstorming what foods I’m going to make for Superbowl Sunday. On a movie note, I still want to see Her and Inside Llewyn Davis in theaters, but I don’t predict any trips to the theater in my near future. Let’s kick off Friday and wrap up the week with a recap…

* 23 times women made history on SNL.

The Wolf of Wall Street before special effects.

* Have had multiple cravings for fonuts the past few days.

* Spent time being a tourist in my city [photo above].

* Hmm…to win an Oscar, should an actor play a real person?

* Mindy Kaling will be speaking at SXSW on March 9.

* Conan hangs out with his interns.

Have a lovely weekend!

{Photo by Lauren}


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