That’s a Wrap!

adam braun book

Happy spring! What are you all most looking forward to this season? I’m looking forward to all the movies coming out (post coming next week!) and the fresh seasonal ingredients. I have a long list of recipes I can’t wait to tackle – it’s been a while since I’ve tested a new dish or baked good. Last week I finished One More Thing, and I just started reading Adam Braun’s new book. It is so inspiring. I actually had the chance to interview him; you can read the interview here! Now, let’s wrap up the week with a recap…

* Love this way of interviewing: 73 questions with SJP. She’s fabulous.

* Beautiful maps of the world made from signature regional foods – this is amazing!

* Take me here for breakfast, please.

* Disney movies retold in haiku.

* Standing desks – what are your thoughts? There’s too much sitting happening while I work!

* Started watching Downton Abbey. Not hooked yet, but definitely intrigued. Do you watch (and love/hate) the show?

* I love the idea of this magazine, but have yet to buy and read one. Thoughts?

Have a great first weekend of spring!

{Photo by Lauren}


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