Currently Craving: Kitchen Accessories

fun kitchen accessories

1. Egg Rug – $60.00 / 2. Banana Salt and Pepper Shakers – $47.00 / 3. Eiffel Tower Grater – $15.00 / 4. Nimbus Cloud Serving Board – $110.00 / 5. Water Carafe – $70.00

When I see fun kitchen accessories like these, I can’t help but dream up all the different ways I would use them. While they may not be necessary, if they’re clever and functional, then they can be great additions to any kitchen. The cloud serving board might be my favorite since I love the rain so much. The egg rug is a close second, though. Making eggs while standing on an egg…I like the idea of that. But then again, I’m pretty fond of the water/juice carafe looking like a science beaker. Now you see why I’m craving all five. Which of these kitchen accessories is your favorite?


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