11 Ways to Store Your DVDs

When you get to the point of having stacks of DVDs, you need a place where you can keep them all in a tidy manner. I personally love to keep my DVDs out in the open so that I see them daily. Plus, they can be nice decorating pieces and add character to any room. Whether you have a lot of space or not enough space, here are 11 various ways to store your DVDs…

dvd 1

1. Find storage bins from a container store and neatly label. This way you can stack boxes on top of one another for a more organized look.

dvd 2

2. Build pull-out storage walls into your apartment or home for easy access to your favorite films.

dvd 3

3. This fun different levels shelf is an amazing way to showcase your all time favorite movies. It’s cool and practical.

dvd 4

4. Looking for something to do with your wall space? A DVD might just be what your white walls need. Each branch can be a different movie genre.

dvd 5

5. Storing your DVDs in the bathroom might be the last thing you think of, but if you are in a small space and need the extra room, DVDs can add a lot of character to an otherwise simple bathroom.

dvd 6

6. Not only is this nook gorgeous, but by mixing in your DVDs with your other belongings, you can make any empty corner your own.

dvd 7

7. A revolving DVD tower for when you have no idea what to watch but keep spinning to see if something will catch your eye.

dvd 8

8. Buy some CD binders, label each binder with a corresponding letter: A-B-C-D,  toss the DVD cases, and make a spreadsheet with which movies are in which A-B-C-D binder. A major space saver.

dvd 9

9. Have enough DVDs to fill a wall and below your bed? Make sure to invest in a bed with a pull-out underneath. Instead of storing sheets, linens, and towels, store movies!

dvd 10

 10. If you’re into design and have a lot of DVDs, build a wall that resembles this diamond geometric pattern and utilize the space for storage.

dvd 11

11. Possibly one of the coolest shelves ever. Your DVDs will stand out in this awesome United States wall piece.

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