My Life Lately

may 2014

Clearly I have been doing a lot of eating, as most, if not all, of my photos have food in them. If the food is worthy, it deserves a picture. As told by Instagram (you can follow me here!), this has been my life lately.

1. Tried out a new Ramen restaurant, and it was delightful. Authentic and delicious.

2. When you feel a cold coming on, warm lemon water with ginger never fails.

3. Interviewed an awesome woman in her “office.” Isn’t it beautiful?

4. Snacking on a big bowl of red cherries.

5. Brunch at Tallulah’s is out of this world. Their organic blueberry pancake is the best I’ve ever had anywhere.

6. The flowers at Pike Place Market are stunning. I want to take them all home with me.

{Photos by Lauren}


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