That’s a Wrap!

pizza for bfast

Hope you all had a nice last week of June! I watched Three Men and a Baby, so yeah, I’d say it was a pretty fantastic week. I can’t believe how long it’s been since I last saw that movie, but it brought back some great memories. I definitely didn’t understand what was happening when I first watched it many, many moons ago, but it’s great in every way. I also made delicious oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and this pasta and tomato sauce (eaten separately, of course). Now let’s wrap up the weekend with a recap…

* You know it’s a good morning when you get pizza for breakfast [photo above].

* Excited to see how this partnership between Chelsea Handler and Netflix works out.

* This Marilyn Monroe find is treasure.

* Currently reading this book (Unbroken), and the movie looks pretty spectacular.

* So many movies to watch!

* Nancy Myers’ movie homes are the BEST.

* R.I.P. Union Square Cafe.

* Jane Austen movie locations. Gorgeous!

* I would like to learn how to make spaghetti with this chef, please.

Have a lovely last weekend of June!

{Photo by Lauren}


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