That’s a Wrap!

pink door

clam linguine

The best way to celebrate the last few days of summer is on the rooftop of an Italian restaurant drinking autumn cocktails, indulging in soft bread, and eating every last bite of clam linguine. The rain has arrived, which only means one thing: time to bundle up and watch more movies. Okay, it also means to drink more hot apple cider and hot cocoa. And to not feel guilty spending hours binge-watching TV shows…right? I guess it’s all about moderation. Including moderation. Hope you all had a first few great days of autumn, and now let’s wrap up the week with a recap…

* 21 food superstitions.

* How The Shawshank Redemption became a beloved film.

* If I were to write my senior film thesis all over again, I would definitely consider writing about the Coen brothers.

* Quvenzhane Wallis’s Secrets: work hard, play hard.

* This breakfast hash looks delicious.

* Amazing Ho Hey cover from the show Nashville by Lennon and Maisy – they’re adorable sisters in real life.

* New Yorkers, go get your apple-cider doughnuts while they’re hot!

* Love this! The secret histories of famous Hollywood costumes.

* These Rosh Hashanah recipes look unbelievably good.

Have a restful weekend!

{Photos by Lauren}


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