Movie Soundtracks To Cook To: Oscar-Winning Movie Songs – Part I

Oscar Winning Inspired

When I cook, I like to have music playing softly in the background. Depending on the dish (and my mood), the music will vary each time. In this series, Movie Soundtracks To Cook To, I will share with you the movies that inspire my cooking playlists. Movies are filled with great music, and I like to mix up my playlists with songs that are both lyrical and instrumental/orchestral. Movie soundtracks are the next best thing to the motion pictures themselves, but when you’re cooking or baking, having a movie going in the background could be a bit distracting and potentially dangerous (unless you have amazing knife skills)!

My second playlist is of Oscar-winning songs from movies, and all of these songs would be great musical companions to classic dishes that stand the test of time. Happy cooking and listening!

1. Whatever Will Be, Will Be (Que Sera, Sera)

2. Days of Wine and Roses

3. High Hopes

4. Over the Rainbow

5. Falling Slowly

6. My Heart Will Go On

7. When You Wish Upon a Star

8. Moon River

P.S. Check out my first French inspired cooking playlist! 


5 thoughts on “Movie Soundtracks To Cook To: Oscar-Winning Movie Songs – Part I

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    As you know, I happen to adore/require music while I’m cooking in the kitchen, music just speaks to my heart in a way that conversation just can’t. Here are a few options of some fun music to listen to this week while you’re going about your chopping and sauteing, enjoy!
    What do you listen to while you’re cooking?

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